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The only way for children to learn fundamental concepts is with fun and exciting practical experiments

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Empiribox is a complete service to help teachers do inspiring practical science with any primary school year group

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Complete Coverage of the National Curriculum


Animals, Including Humans
Seasonal Changes
Living Things and their Habitats
Evolution and Inheritance


Everyday Materials
Uses of Everyday Materials
States of Matter
Properties and Changes of Materials


Forces and Magnets
Earth and Space

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“I used to hate science as it was just sitting there with the teacher talking to you, but now I can’t wait to do science and have started doing experiments at home with my parents.  I’m trying to do better at my Maths and English, as I want to be a scientist when I’m older.”

Ella, aged 10

Pupil at Rollesby School, Norfolk

“We are clearly most receptive when youngest and Empiribox has brilliant practical ideas to engage primary school students with science and empower their teachers.”

Professor Lord Robert Winston

Professor of Science and Society, Imperial College

“This is so important and the children and staff get so much from it, that I can’t afford NOT to find the money to pay for it!”

Nick Hutchings

Head Teacher of St John’s Primary School

“I found it exciting and engaging- I know the children in my class will feel exactly the same way. It is so hands-on and practical, suitable for all needs.”

Lauren Morgan

Teacher at Denton Community Primary School

With Empiribox, every child can experience science investigations – and not just watch the teacher demonstrate. This embeds learning more quickly – they are more likely to remember what they have done.”  

Davey Henson

Year 5 Teacher at Frederick Bird Primary School

“Empiribox gave me confidence to teach science. Every lesson plan includes an overview of what’s needed. Everything is simplified. It’s easy. When you fully understand what you are teaching it’s so much better.”

Daniel Nicol

Year 4 Teacher at Broadford Primary School

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