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Why Choose Empiribox?

Teaching science with engaging and exciting lessons sparks a lifelong passion

Science is important; it underpins
every aspect of our lives

Despite this, with no explicit compulsory testing for all pupils, it can be an undervalued subject in primary schools. Yet the need for a workforce with science and STEM related qualifications is growing.

All equipment and resources

Children are natural born scientists

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  • Equipment Supplied

    All the equipment for the whole school for investigations is delivered and collected each term

  • Termly CPD

    CPD sessions led by an industry professional to help teachers refresh and enhance skills

  • Teaching Resources

    Access to lesson plans, teacher guides, videos and much more via an online portal

Everything teachers need

Fully resourced practical science

“My confidence has increased because I am now familiar with how easily adaptable lessons can be some of the activities I would never think of relating to so many national curriculum objectives”

Lauren Morgan, Denton Community Primary School

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Our Promise to Empiribox Schools

To help teachers
deliver inspirational
practical science

For the whole of key stage one and two