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Design a Hotel on the Moon

With the expected rise in space tourism, we think that there may become a time when we’re building a Moon Hotel, but we’re a bit stuck on what we think it might look like. We’d love to see your pupils’ ideas on what a Moon Hotel could look like, what weird and wacky features they might include and how they will overcome the environmental issues on the Moon.

Using the list of facts about the Moon below and children’s own knowledge and research, we’d like them to design a poster or pamphlet. We’d like pupils to think about food, water, air, gravity, and how people will get there. How would it be different from hotels on earth? What would people need to survive? How would they get around? What cool things would there be inside for people to do?

Children must draw a poster or write a pamphlet explaining their hotel, the features they have added to it and why they have chosen to do certain things e.g., build a greenhouse to grow food.

The poster or pamphlet should be aimed at attracting people to visit your Moon Hotel by advertising the features of the establishment.

Facts About The Moon

1. The Moon orbits the Earth and is the only natural satellite
2. The same side always faces the Earth, meaning we have never seen the far side from our planet (although there are pictures taken from satellites that have gone all the way around). This is called tidal-locking and happens because the Moons rotation is the same speed as the Earths.
3. The temperature is -233°C to +123°C
4. The Moon’s orbit controls the Earths tides
5. The Moon is moving away from the Earth at a speed of 3.8cm a year
6. You would weigh less on the surface of the Moon because it has less gravity and would also mean lighter objects might float away into space
7. There is no atmosphere on the Moon and therefore no protection from outer-space or things like the suns rays, comets, and high winds
8. There are many moonquakes, causing fractures and ruptures that happen every week
9. It takes 3 days in a spaceship to get to the Moon
10. There are sources of oxygen on the Moon, but the lack of atmosphere means that there is no way of keeping it near the surface (like it is on Earth) meaning you can’t breathe the air

Lower KS2: Draw a poster to attract people to visit a new hotel on the Moon
Upper KS2: Design a pamphlet to explain a new hotel on the Moon and attract people to visit

Start date: 26th March 2019

Close date: 14th June 2019

Winners announced: 28th June 2019

What we’re looking for in the winning entry: Clear link between the environment on the Moon and the hotel features, i.e. a 0-gravity room for entertainment, a greenhouse to grow food, cylinders to make water, oxygen pumps etc.

Clear descriptions of their ideas, explaining why they have chosen certain things and what the purpose of everything is.

Extra points to children who consider the journey to the Moon.

There will be only one winner from both upper and lower KS2.

The prize for pupils: Selection of goodies from the European Space Agency and a selection of activities and investigations they can do at home

The prize for school: 1 year’s free subscription to Empiribox



Download templates for pupils’ to use.

Pamphlet Template

Poster Template

You can enter by submitting your pupils’ posters and pamphlets via post;

FAO Sam Saul
Empiribox Ltd
Rutherford and Appleton Laboratory
R71, Office 17a
OX11 0QX

By email: Upload your posters to dropbox, google docs or another shared folder and send a link to marketing@empiribox.org. Please ensure that digital entries are scanned in full colour with all pages clearly visible.

To allow us to contact the lucky winners quickly, every entry must have the school name, the school postcode, the pupil’s name and year group clearly marked.

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*Entries must be received before 4pm on the 14th June 2019 by either of the above methods with children’s first name, year group, school name and postcode clearly visible on each entry. Entries received after this date or without the correct information displayed will be discounted. The templates supplied do not have to be used. The winning school will be required to allow images, quotes and other forms of media to be published by Empiribox on social media, our website and in press releases in local papers and education magazines. By submitting your entry you are agreeing to these terms and can provide us with media consent from pupils parents and guardians. For more information, please contact marketing@empiribox.org. For a free lesson box, please sign up using the form below. 

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