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Cross curricular school project on Elements

5 years ago

‘The scientific knowledge gained from this unit has been extraordinary’

The Elements kit was used to support a project around Itch by Simon Mayo. Freethorpe Primary School contacted Empiribox to ask how a ‘wow’ factor could be added.

Robbie Houghton Deputy Head/Year 5 and 6 teacher, explained: “The two week project provided an amazing start to the year, the school was able to link literacy, maths, art, design technology and drama in order to immerse the children into the exciting world of elements. The cross-curricular writing produced throughout the week was of a very good standard, as the children were exposed to a high level of practical activities prior to completing their own work.

“The scientific knowledge gained from this unit has been extraordinary, due to the quality of the resources and experiments, and also because of the questions raised during the investigations.

“The cries of wow, followed by… ‘but why did?’… As a result the children are becoming independent thinkers, raising questions and suggesting ways in which they can find answers.”

“Enthusiasm was harnessed from the start, producing a wide range of writing, including poetry, diary extracts and reports. Children used extensive scientific language in their everyday conversations. The immediate impact was to boost the confidence of all children in the class.

“After our investigations into making carbon and copper, we researched atomic art, so the children could explore shape, pattern and colour, all based on beautiful pictures of atoms and molecules, a work of art in themselves. We also went on to work with copper and other metals to embed the idea of elements being all around us, in everyday use”.

“The work the children returned went beyond my expectations, they became experts in the properties and atomic numbers of their own, and many more elements. We used this to produce our very own animated periodic table. It proved to be a memorable activity.”

“This work has taken them beyond National Curriculum expectations. Several parents have been in to class, excited to hear directly from their children, what they had learned that day. Some were also impressed by the depth of knowledge and understanding their children had, I think the parents have learnt a lot too. It’s been great to share this opportunity.”

“I have enjoyed learning about the 118 elements. It’s made me more interested in science, especially chemistry. I have bought a chemistry set to use at home, and I made an acid turn into an alkaline, then I turned it back into an acid”Will, aged 10

“I loved all of it because we got to do all of it, it wasn’t just the teacher’s demonstrating – it was really hands-on”. Madeline, aged 10