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What are teachers saying about KS1 so far?

3 years ago

How did you manage the session with your pupils? (Whole class/carousel?)

Initially we broke down the lesson into two lessons- one with snow and another with the ice cubes as with the ice cubes we really wanted to launch into it further and do mini investigations getting used to developing a question we could test etc.

Also in the first session we wanted to talk about science in Year 1 and in Year 2 set expectations and explain about experiments etc. (really launch the subject).

ks1picture3  How successful was the organisation of the lesson?       

The ice cube lesson was great. Children loved it being so hands on and we managed to complete it within the time we had allowed (1 hour).  Initially they wrote a prediction. They then took picture of what they saw and wrote a couple of sentences explaining what happened after the experiment had taken place.

How do you feel your pupils responded to the lesson?

The children LOVED the lessons. It has launched the enjoyment of science, the fact that they are doing investigations each lesson has made such a difference to the skills that they are developing for science. They look forward to science now.                                                               

Stephanie Lester, KS1 Lead Art Atwood Academy, London


How do you feel your pupils responded to the lesson?

Engaged throughout and more enthused about science.

What went well …?

ks2picture2Pupils keen to participate and find out results of investigations. Pupils seem more willing to talk about what they have learned to each other and the teacher, even outside the lesson.

How did you manage the session with your pupils? (Whole class/carousel?)

Focused on one teacher-led activity followed by one activity for pupils to investigate independently.

How successful was the organisation of the lesson? (Timings etc.)

All lessons have been timed and structured well.

What went well …?

Very engaging teacher-led activities to start lessons and capture children’s interest. Great resources and investigation opportunities to structure lessons effectively.

What didn’t work?


Phil Larkin, KS1 Lead, St Patrick’s Primary School, Liverpool


ks1Picture1How did you find the quality of the equipment?

The quality of the equipment was excellent.  There was plenty of kit and this was well organised into each of the boxes.  The kit was very suitable for the KS1 age range.

What did you and the children enjoy? What do we need to improve? Did you find anything disappointing, if so what?

The staff and children who trialled the Empiribox kit thoroughly enjoyed using and trying out all of the equipment and lesson plans.  Nothing was disappointing.  The children learnt a huge amount from the investigative elements of the lessons and there was a real ‘wow’ factor within the Empiribox lessons.  Children extended their understanding of what they had learnt in the lessons by discussing it with their parents at home and we gained a great deal of positive feedback from the parents of the children who tried out the KS1 Empiribox resources.

Juliet Branch Y1 Teacher, Freethorpe Primary School, Norfolk