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  • What will we get when our school subscribes to the Empiribox System?

    You get a highly experienced ‘science teacher trainer’, three fantastic suites of equipment per year (one for each term), that allow your pupils in years 1,2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to work in pairs in KS2 and small groups in KS1 during the lessons, and all the learning resources you will need to enable your teachers to deliver fantastic science lessons every week of the year.

  • When can my school start?

    Your school can start at any time in the year. The system is delivered in a modular way, so it is completely flexible, so it can fit into your school’s planning and timetable requirements very easily.

  • How should we budget for a subscription?

    The subscription rate depends upon the size of your school and is based on the number of KS2 classes you have in your school, working on 30 pupils per class.

    Our subscribers usually allocate elements of several different budgets to cover the subscription fee, which usually might include CPD/training budgets; learning resources (including science, literacy and maths, because the system has substantial cross-curricular impact) and pupil premium funding (as Empiribox helps schools achieve PP objectives and results). Many subscribers also apply PTA funding and local company sponsorship/support towards the cost of the resources.

    Please contact us to find out more about how Empiribox might enhance your science provision and to discuss a tailored quote for your school.

  • Does it meet the new National Curriculum?

    It completely covers the New National Curriculum. In fact, it meets and exceeds the national curriculum and extends and enriches it greatly.

  • What is the minimum term of the service contract?

    The minimum term is one year.

  • What are the payment terms and conditions?

    The subscription is an annual one. If your school has issues around affordability or cash flow, please speak to us and we will explore with you how we can help you finance your subscription.