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National Curriculum

Each of our Programmes of Study match the National Curriculum,

with all objectives clearly identified within each lesson plan.

National Curriculum

Each lesson covers two national curriculum objectives; one knowledge based and the other on scientific skills. These are also presented as ‘I Can….’ statements, differentiated by year group, increasing in sophistication and depth of understanding accordingly.

The ‘I Can…’ statements allow the children to achieve the national curriculum objective at an age appropriate level of understanding and will enable teachers to provide different learning experiences for pupils of all ages.

The identified lesson objectives are designed to be progressive for each programme of study with each lesson building on prior learning and focusing on one specific element of an investigation; planning, data collection and analysis or evaluating an investigation. This approach helps children to confidently carry out a full investigation and furnish them with skills which can be applied to any scientific investigation, irrespective of context.

Each programme of study includes assessments which are fully aligned to the National Curriculum and Empiribox Plus provides opportunities to learn science beyond the National Curriculum.