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Spectacular Science

Learn all about different areas of science and how it plays a crucial role to our day to day lives

Want to know more about science in our everyday lives?


We’ve been interviewing some professional scientists to give you an insight into how science

is used in our lives every day and the importance of proper science education holds


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Alongside amazing scientists like the ones we have been interviewing below, we have also got the chance to speak with renowned ESA Astronaut, Major Timothy Nigel Peake CMG! He answered some primary school pupils burning questions like “Did you wash your clothes in space, or did you just get very smelly?” “Which is worse, meals in space or school dinners?” as well as explaining what he thinks primary school science should be all about.


Jeff Armstrong, Neutron Scientist for ISIS Neutron and Muon Source takes Empiribox on a tour around his laboratory and talks to us about the research he does and how it impacts our daily lives.

We’ve been talking to some scientists who work for the European Space Agency here on the same campus we work in!
Anna Maria Trofaier, a Cryosphere Scientist, explains how she monitors Global Warming, the impact rising temperatures have on the planet and how we can help slow down Climate Change.

Damien Roques, Communications System Engineer, talked to us about how he builds satellites a what it takes to get one into space.

Ella Gilbert, Meteorologist at the British Antarctic Survey, talks to us about what her job involves, how to prevent Global Warming and travelling to Antarctica.

Jane Younger, Physiotherapist talks to Empiribox about what she does day to day, why she loves her job and what made her choose to pursue a career using science.