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Staffroom Guidance Notes


The Staffroom function is intended to allow teachers the ability to find and download either individual documents or groups of documents, to be downloaded as zip files. Click to see a short video overview.  For help and support, please email our monitored support service at support.empiribox.org

Each Programme of Study has it’s own page which looks like this (example using the Animals including Humans programme):

General Resources

This will always include all the Risk Assessments for all lessons as the first entry.  You will also be able to find these for individual lessons in the Filterable section.

There will always be a link to the lesson tutorial videos.

You will also find other files, such as all the Teacher Guides (not Assessment Guides) grouped together for convenience.

Other Resources

Click on the Other Resources tab to see a list of Resources not specific to the individual programme.  This include the full Health & Safety documentation, a link to this page and other common Resources.

Filterable Resources

If no Filtering is applied then ALL Resources are displayed (as above), but this includes all Lesson Plan (Over 96 depending on the programme), every PowerPoint, etc.  Nobody should need to download every file in a Resource group.

Tip: A good way to use this section is to look at all the Resources unfiltered,  as above, then decide which type of Resource you want before refining the list to the specific Year group, Skill or Lesson you at need. You may need to do this more than once, downloading different Resources each time.

In general, the Programme allows for differentiation between Year Groups and focus on practical skills for Planning, Data & Analysis and Evaluation of investigations, which are then split into eight Lessons.

Example: To find all the planning Lesson Plans for year 5, search:

Year Group = “Year 5”

This will group the 8 or 9 lesson plans together for a single download.  (The PowerPoint resources will also be made available.)

Example: It is also easy to find the Lesson Plan (and PowerPoint) for a single lesson.  To find a Lesson Plan and PowerPoint for a Year 4 class  Lesson 7, focused on Evaluation, the filtering would be exactly that:

Year Group = “Year 4”
Lesson=”Lesson 7″

This would result in only one Lesson Plan and one PowerPoint.

If a filterable Resource is not assigned to a particular filter, then if that filter is used, that resource will not appear (e.g. an Assessment Teacher Guide is not Year Group dependent) .  For this reason there are some special cases to look out for when filtering for Resources.  If you specify a filter and the Resource does not depend on it, it will be eliminated from the results!


Assessments are provided for assessing both Knowledge and Skills at the beginning of a programme (“Starting Activities”) and testing at the end (“Summative”).  These are reserved for L1 (beginning) and lesson 10 (end).

  • Teacher Guides and Starting Activities 
    The Starting Activities Teacher Guides are guides for the Assessment structure and the Starting Activities are the actual Assessments the students are given.

There is a Resource for each of the skill sets (Data, Evaluation, Knowledge and Planning) and three levels within each (Core, Advanced, Extension) giving a total of 12 Starting Activities and 12 Teacher Guides per programme.
Since they are not assigned to any Year Group, to find them you must filter by :

Year Group = “Any” (This is the important thing to note – no year group associated with this Resource)
Skills=one of “Data”, “Evaluation”, “Knowledge” or “Planning”
Lesson=”Lesson 1″

Note: “Knowledge” is a skill only applicable to the Assessments, since all the practical lessons focus on skills development.  No other Resources can be found using the Knowledge filter.

  • Summative Assessment Tests and Mark Schemes
    These Resources are applicable to any Skill, but only Lesson 10.  There are 22 Resources for each programme.  Filter by:

Year Group = “Any”
Skills=one of “Data”, “Evaluation”, “Knowledge” or “Planning”
Lesson=”Lesson 10″

Lesson Teacher Guides
Teacher Guides are for the Skills (excluding “Knowledge”) and are not dependent of either Year Group or Lesson Number.  Therefore, to find an individual, filter by:

Year Group = “Any”
Skills=one of “Data”, “Evaluation”, “Knowledge” or “Planning”

Empiribox Plus
The EmpiriboxPlus extensions are not dependent on either Year Group or Skill, and are only extending practical lessons (2-9).  Therefore to find an individual, filter by:

Year Group = “Any”
Lesson=”Lesson 2″ to “Lesson 9”

Speed Issues

When downloading larger collections of resources (typically over 10MB) it can take a while for the download window to appear after clicking on “Download Resources”.  This is because our server has to prepare a zip file for downloading and is constantly sending messages to your browser whilst doing it.  The combination of the file size and your network speed may cause such a delay, which can be up to 30 secs in extreme cases.  Also, some browsers / your network may restrict the download file size.

You might misinterpret this delay as “nothing happening”.

You can usually avoid this delay by filtering to a smaller collection (e.g. just the resources needed by your term’s skill set).